JJR 50 Corporate Commission Piece (15" x 30")

JJR 50 Corporate Commission Piece (15" x 30")

JJR (Johnson Johnson & Roy), a nationally prominent company specializing in landscape architecture, planning, urban design, civil engineering and environmental science, commissioned a Cut Paper Assemblage celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  With studios in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Madison, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.,  a major undertaking was to create a piece that reflected the inclusive nature of JJR’s projects.

The final piece was composed of 50 squares representing both 50 years in business and their top 50 projects. This piece was used as the cover of JJR’s commemorative 50th Anniversary book.

On commission work:

Commemoration is one of the core goals of my art, representing endless possibilities for potential commissions.  Commissions have an extra added challenge of memorializing aspects of a client's life experience uniquely memorable only to them.  I enjoy using memorabilia that everybody collects but nobody knows what to do with.  Cards, photographs,  posters, programs, invitations... piling on fridges, under beds and in bottom drawers until they no longer make it through spring cleaning.  You can give me what you struggle to let go and I’ll turn it into something that is aesthetically pleasing, yet retains the memorable quality of the unique experience.

Search my example commissions for themes, ideas, colors and combinations that interest you and we can discuss how I can best accommodate your visions.  Don’t feel intimidated by the process, I offer free quotes and truly love commission work.

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